Vegetable Side Dishes

If there is a special dish you would like and listed on the menu, please ask us and our Chef will be happy to try and prepare it for you.

NOTE: If you are allergic to nuts, gluten or dairy products please let us know before placing your order. We welcome comments and suggestions.

Vegetable Side Dishes


Mix Veg Curry                                      £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Vegetable Bhaji (sauteed vegetables)     £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Bombay Aloo (curried potatoes)             £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Sag Bhaji (sauteed spinach )        £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Sag Aloo (potato with spinach)                 £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Gobi Bhaji (sauteed cauliflower)         £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Aloo Gobi (potato with cauliflower)        £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Mushroom Bhaji (sauteed mushrooms)       £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Tarka Dall (yellow lentils with lots of garlic)      £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Brinjal Bhaji (sauteed aubergines)              £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Masala/Korma Sauce    £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Chana Masala (curried chick peas)                 £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Vegetable Korma (very mild)        £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)

Vegetables Masala (mild)            £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)
    Mix vegetables cooked with rich masala sauce

Paneer Butter Masala                £3.25 (side)    £5.95 (main)
    Homemade cottage cheese with butter and rich creamy sauce    

Matter Paneer (cottage cheese with peas)    £3.25 (side)    £5.50 (main)

Sag Paneer (cottage cheese with spinach)    £3.25 (side)    £5.50 (main)