NOTE: If you are allergic to nuts, gluten or dairy products please let us know before placing your order. We welcome comments and suggestions.




Pappadoms (plain/ spicy)       £0.60

Onion Bhaji (3 pieces)    £3.25              
Chopped onions in spices coated with gram flour, deep fried.

Veg Or Lamb Samosa (2 pieces)    £3.25
Lightly spiced & deep fried stuffed pastry vegetables or lamb.

Chicken/Vegetable Pakora    £4.75
Chicken tikka or vegetables, coriander & spices, fried in special batter.

Chicken Or Lamb Tikka    £4.25
Diced chicken or lamb marinated in herbs & spices, cooked in clay oven.

Chicken Or Paneer Chilli    £5.25
Diced chicken or paneer cooked with a capsicum, onion, green chilli and Nepalese spice

Mango Tikka    £5.50
Barbecued chicken cooked with a mango chutney

Tandoori Chicken    £4.25
Chicken on the bone marinated with fresh spices and herbs then cooked in the clay oven

Sheek Kebab    £4.25
Skewered minced lamb with herbs & spices cooked in a clay oven

Chicken Chatt Puree    £4.25
Chicken cooked with lemon juice and chatt masala

Prawn Puree    £4.75
Prawn cooked with spices and herbs served over puree

Lamb Momo      £5.50
Steamed mince dumplings serve with special tomato chutney (very popular Nepalese starter)

Lamb Sekuwa      £5.50
Diced lamb marinated with specially prepared exotic spices from Nepal and cooked in clay oven

Aloo Tikki (v)    £5.50
Mashed potato in secret spices stuffed with breadcrumbs, served with chickpeas

Chicken Choila     £5.50
Nepalese style barbecued chicken pan fried with secret spices, spring onion & mustard oil and fenugreek seeds

Mixed Starter    £5.50
Lamb tikka, chicken tikka , sheek kebab & onion bhaji