Namaste Special Dishes

If there is a special dish you would like and listed on the menu, please ask us and our Chef will be happy to try and prepare it for you.

NOTE: If you are allergic to nuts, gluten or dairy products please let us know before placing your order. We welcome comments and suggestions.


Malabari King Prawn     £10.95                                    
King Prawn cooked with Malibar spices and coconut milk.

Bulsani Salmon    £9.95
Cooked in Tandoor with pepper rich tomato sauce & almond

Malah Dahi Chicken ,    £8.25
Barbecued chicken cooked with mint & yoghurt

Hariyali Chicken/ Lamb ,,    £8.25
Cooked in hariyali sauce to chef’s secret recipe

Chicken or Lamb Korma    £8.25
(contains nuts) Very, very mild cooked with cream and coconut

Chicken or Lamb Balti (medium)    £8.25
Flavoured with herbs and spice, cooked  with balti sauce

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Masala         £8.25
(contains nuts) Chargrilled chicken or lamb flavoured & cooked in rich masala sauce  (mild)

Khukura Makhani (contains nuts)     £8.25
Barbecued diced chicken in butter, fresh cream  & exotic spices  (mild)

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda     £8.25
(contains nuts) (mild) BBQ diced chicken or lamb cooked in sweet & creamy sauce

Tandoori King Prawn Masala    £10.95
Marinated king prawns, cooked in a clay oven then cooked in masala sauce (contains nuts) (mild)

Chicken Moglai (contain nuts) (mild)            £8.25
BBQ chicken cooked with cream , nuts and fenugreek leaves  

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Bhuna    £8.25
BBQ chicken or lamb cooked with onion and spice (medium)

Gurkhali Chicken     £8.25
Chicken rolled in flour deep fried and cooked with sweet chilli sauce. (medium)

Namaste Special Curry     £8.50
Barbecued chicken, lamb, king prawn and egg cooked  with Gurkha special sauce

Namaste Mis-Mas     £8.25
Barbecued chicken, lamb, prawn sheek kebab cooked with Gurkha special sauce with wine

Chicken/Lamb Mustang    £8.25                           
Chicken or lamb cooked slowly to give tenderness with homemade spices, spring onions, ginger, coriander & chickpeas (medium)

Chicken or Lamb Karahi     £8.25
Onion & peppers (medium hot)  

Chicken/Lamb Kathmandu     £8.25
Spicy chicken or lamb curry cooked with coconut milk, green chillies and Nepalese herbs and spice

Lasunikhursani     £8.25
Chicken or lamb with fresh garlic, green chilli & Gurkha special sauce.(hot)   

Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi      £8.25  
with onion & pepper

Hariyo Piro Masu     £8.25
Diced lamb cooked with spinach, green chilli and tomato sauce (hot)

Khukura Rezala       £8.25
BBQ chicken diced off the bone cooked with onion, green chilli and capsicum in special sauce.( creamy)

Madras Fish Curry      £9.95
White fish cooked in rich tomato sauce & herbs

Mango Chicken Nepal      £8.25
Barbecued chicken cooked with mango slices in creamy sauce

Chicken/Lamb Bhutuwa ,      £8.25
Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked with black pepper in rich tomato sauce, spring onion & spices

Paneer Butter Masala      £8.25
Homemade cottage cheese with butter and rich creamy sauce

Machi Masala      £9.95
White fish cooked with mixed peppers, chopped onion in rich tomato sauce with almond